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Pharmaceutical freeze-drying machine application in rheumatoid pharmaceutical production

Pharmaceutical freeze drying machine in the application of rheumatoid pharmaceutical production! After years of the freezing dryer in the production practice of rheumatoid medicine found that apply for such a drug research proves that this method can be applied. Because art particularity, guarantee the original drug pharmacology, drug in clinical use effect is good. We adopt technological process is:

1, the semi-finished products in stainless steel plate installed in the freeze-drying box layer, and active border at the same time, it is preferable off after into the board layer stainless steel plate, so to ensure the good heat transfer performance of the frozen dry plate layer and drug, and the uniformity of product temperature: in the process of freeze-drying drugs it is important to ensure uniform product temperature, temperature of uneven, first of all, we can't according to equipment control instrument reflects the accurate judgment of product due status, and to rely on the instrument to guidelines for the process steps, the result will lead to the decrease of the quality of the product. Second uneven temperature lead to extended product process, a lot of damage in such aspects as manpower, material resources, product qualified rate is also a big test.

2, the freeze-drying box shelf refrigeration to - Balance of 30 ℃ for 30 minutes after continue to refrigeration to shelf - freeze-drying box 45 ℃ starting around 4. 5 hours, back when the products at the lowest temperature - 39℃ ~ - 43 ℃ range change. According to the state of the products into the water catchers after cooling.

3, open the vacuum system

vacuum is stable and meet the requirements of slow after vacuum heating up to the end of the freeze-dried.

this process is not common, is a different product performance, pharmacological has different process conditions.

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