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Pharmaceutical freeze drying machine

In pharmaceutical preparation production, pharmaceutical freeze drying machine is the main medicines in prescriptions and auxiliary materials, made from the solution by solution type injection preparation method, first under the low temperature freezing into solid, and the water from freezing in a vacuum and low temperature state directly without through liquid distillation to remove one of the vacuum freeze-drying equipment.

the preparation method of producing injection, injection of water cooling, adjust or not adjust PH, in order to join the prescription material, mixing, PH measurement or adjust PH value, hydrate, under the condition of temperature control, mixing decolorizing activated carbon, filter, filter aseptic sterile liquid, its partial shipments to schering bottles, freeze drying, rolling cover, for a quick producing injection.

use medicine freeze drier lyophilized drug the whole process is under low temperature and vacuum conditions, compared with conventional injection, can avoid products due to high heat decomposition metamorphism, especially suitable for the preparation of thermal unstable drug.

solid drug made of lyophilized pharmaceutical freeze drying machine, due to the sublimation of tiny ice crystals drugs is porous, loose structure and keep the original volume before freezing, quickly dissolve after adding water, recovery characteristics of the solution of the original. Medicine in a vacuum freeze drying machine make medicine from a liquid into a solid, remove the 95% 99% water, therefore not easy oxidation, the stability of the drug increases, is advantageous to the drug store for a long time.

compared with other methods, the chance to less polluted, particulate matter in pharmaceuticals, smaller than the other methods. Freeze drying can avoid drug compatibility of slow change, such as two or more than two kinds of traditional Chinese medicine chemical composition in the liquid state can be compatibility changes slowly, and it is made into powder injection in this fashion, can avoid change compatibility. Product dose accurately and good appearance.

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