Pet food freeze-drying machine

by:CBFI     2020-10-08
Pet food freeze-drying machine referred to as 'pet lyophilizer, is a kind of freeze-dried, freeze-dried meat processing cat dog food vacuum freeze dryer equipment. Can freeze-dry processing cat food, dog food, chicken breast, quail, beef, duck, fish, pressurized gut, molar cartilage and other products.

homemade pet freeze-dried meat, pet food or meat in the lyophilizer for low temperature freezing drying chamber, and then under the condition of vacuum heating dry, make regularly frozen food and a sublimation of water by solid directly into a gas, resulting in freeze-dried pet food.

in the process of the products will keep the original size and shape, the smallest cell rupture, remove moisture to prevent food spoilage at room temperature. After freeze drying products the same as the original size and shape of the frozen materials, has a good stability, can reconstruct when placed in the water. When the lyophilization process used in pet food, its nutritional value can get maximum retention, color, flavor, volume, texture and food raw materials quality, and the difference is not big.

small lyophilizer

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