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Parameter standard for 300 kg snowflake ice making equipment

For the model IMS-300 laboratory snowflake cbfi ice machine, the output of ice is about 300kg/24h. What are the basic performances of our model of ice maker and the later operation method will be introduced to you in detail below. model: IMS-300 Ice production: 300kg/day ice storage: 55kg Condensation method: air cooling Water consumption: ≤12.5 Net weight: 100kg Gross weight: 106kg Box size (length multiplied by width multiplied by height): 680 times 641 times 1102. Package net dimensions (length times width times height): 757 times 720 times 1152 Ice shape: small particles of snowflake crushed ice shape Advantages: 1: the row cavity diaphragm type refrigeration evaporator used , The refrigeration effect is good, and the ice production is relatively high. It adopts a spiral hob squeeze ice-making type, and adopts the function of automatic separation of ice and water to meet the requirements of ice-making shape. 2: When the ice is full or lack of water, it will stop, and the water will automatically turn on when the call comes in. This device has the function of memory recovery. 3: The front part of the entire equipment is equipped with a power switch and a function indicator, which is easier to operate and has a higher safety factor. The IMS-300 model snowflake cbfi ice machine we use is mainly used in hospitals, scientific research or laboratories, especially in supermarkets, fisheries, chemicals, food processing and other industries. It can be seen that our cbfi ice machine is suitable The scope is wide, so we need to pay attention to the operation details of the equipment, so as to better maintain the basic performance of the product.
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