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Overflow type evaporator chiller ( A)

Overflow type water chiller from the bottom of the cooler into cold agent, and the water cycle in the tube. Its advantage is that the pipe completely submerged in liquid industrial ice machine, so you can get the best effect of heat exchange. So that water can use a variety of different ways of physical cleaning. In general, the water side of the evaporator should not have a continuous scale, unless the water is used in an open system, such as manufacturing production process. Cold water is mostly system adopts closed conduit road, so the circulating water should always be in the condition of relatively clean, unless there are more in the pipeline leak and constantly add new water.

the refrigerating capacity of the overflow type water chiller needs often is much larger than that of direct expansion type water chillers, for a high pressure system, regular maintenance, is an indispensable part of.

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