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Overflow type evaporator chiller ( 2)

Overflow type evaporator chiller ( 2)

double tube inlet temperature of the industrial ice machine is commonly 55 ℉, water design temperature of 45 ℉. Refrigerant to absorb heat from the water, its temperature is generally lower than the water temperature around 7 ℉, the temperature difference value close to the temperature. Close to the temperature for technicians to troubleshooting, improve the performance of water chiller is a very important technical parameters. Such as serious water industrial ice machine pipe scale, because of the heat transfer decreased, temperature close to the temperature will increase. For cold water machine is different in the number of passes, with anger with close temperature generally is about 8 ℉. Close to the temperature by using the three in the evaporator, passes are 5 ℉. Four sides are the endless temperature of the evaporator is ℉ 3 or 4 ℉. Refrigerant, the longer the contact with water close to the temperature is, the smaller.

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