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Outline the application of flake ice machine

1. Dairy product production During the fermentation process of yogurt production, in order to control the fermentation time, temperature and humidity, and maintain the biological active factors of yogurt, temperature-controlled fermentation is artificially using refrigeration to control the temperature below the normal fermentation temperature. To get the desired quality. Adding an appropriate amount of hygienic and clean flake ice is a good treatment. 2. Poultry processing With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for food hygiene are becoming more and more stringent. Especially for food export companies, every production process has strict requirements. Poultry slaughter countries require that the water temperature in the spiral pre-cooling tank should be controlled at 0°C-4°C. If the water temperature is only cooled by a water chiller, it will not meet the national requirements. Therefore, the spiral pre-cooling tank must be placed in the actual production process. Add a lot of flake ice to control the water temperature. 3. The food safety of chemical synthetic preservatives for fruit and vegetable preservation is increasingly questionable. Today, the storage and preservation of fruit, vegetables, meat and other foods is gradually moving towards focusing on physical methods and maintaining its natural quality, food safety, convenience, and low energy to the greatest extent. The direction of consumption storage is developing. The physical preservation methods such as natural cold source and damp and cold storage are conforming to this development trend and are gradually being recognized and valued by people. The wet-cooling system is a method of accumulating cold energy by using the Lier flake ice mechanism to obtain low-temperature ice water through a hybrid heat exchanger, allowing the ice water to transfer heat and mass with the air in the reservoir, and obtain high-humidity air close to the freezing point temperature for cooling Fruits and vegetables. It can quickly cool the fruits and vegetables to the storage temperature and maintain them at that temperature. At the same time, combined with the synergistic effect of ozone, the fruits and vegetables are in a low-temperature and high-humidity environment without being harmed by molds. 4. In the brewing industry, the temperature is constantly increasing due to the biochemical reaction during the fermentation process of the brewing industry. In order to control the temperature and time of fermentation, maintain the biological activity of the yeast, and improve the stability of non-microbes, adding an appropriate amount of clean flake ice is acceptable. Effective treatment method. 5. Bread and biscuits processing. During the mixing process of bread and biscuits, the temperature rise due to friction will make the flour inactive, and the gluten will decrease, which will affect the quality of the bread and biscuits. When stirring or applying the cream twice, use flake ice to quickly cool down. To prevent fermentation. Using a proper amount of clean flake ice for temperature adjustment will ensure the quality of the product. 6. Aquatic product processing With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the rapid development of the export processing industry, the requirements for the inherent quality of seafood are increasing. Because of the special physical properties of ice that can provide sufficient water and lower the temperature, ice has been widely used in the field of fishery deep processing. No matter how the mechanical freezing system develops, it can only provide cold temperatures, but not a humid environment. It is very easy to air-dry, dehydrate and even freeze the surface of the fish, resulting in a decrease in the freshness of the seafood, and only ice can provide The perfect cooling environment can keep the seafood in an ideal wet state, which can prevent the seafood from deterioration and rot, and can also prevent the dehydration and frostbite of the seafood. The melted ice water can also wash the surface of the seafood, remove the bacteria and peculiar smell discharged from the seafood, and achieve the ideal preservation effect. Therefore, a large amount of ice is used in the fishing, storage, transportation, and processing of marine fisheries. 7. Meat processing flake ice has been widely used in the preparation of sausages and hams. During the tumbling and mixing of sausages, the high temperature generated by the friction between the high-speed rotating tumbling barrel and the ingredients has contributed to The growth of bacteria changes the color and taste of the meat, and will cause degreasing (melting of fat), causing the produced sausages to have excessive bacteria, dull color, hard and greasy taste. When the flake ice is mixed into the ingredients of the sausage, it will obtain rapid cooling and ideal concentration, maintain the color and taste of the product, prevent degreasing, and improve hygiene standards. 8. Supermarket fresh-keeping Ice is widely used in the preservation and display of seafood and fresh meat in supermarkets. Because the surface of the flake ice is dry and slippery, there is no scratch on the surface of the fish, which maintains the air permeability of the underlying seafood, ensures the original taste of the product, and prevents the loss of the product due to dehydration and hypoxia. 9. Biopharmaceuticals and laboratory refrigeration In the process of biopharmaceuticals and laboratory refrigeration, in order to control the reaction temperature and maintain biological activity, it is necessary to add flake ice to control the temperature of drugs and experimental products and ensure their quality. X. Marine fishery The seawater flake ice packing machines uses stainless steel, anti-corrosion aluminum alloy, surface special treatment alloy, and Freon refrigerant to form a durable design. It has low parts loss and is suitable for long-term continuous operation. A special roller that can make ice anywhere, regardless of seawater. Compared with loading heavy block ice from the port, the direct use of seawater in the fishing grounds to make ice can reduce the load of ships and greatly save fuel costs. Our new model makes the tilt angle within 35 degrees, which can keep the water circulation without overflow and can be used normally. This flake ice machine has a small footprint and low noise, and can be installed in the cabin. You can choose the model you need according to the amount of ice used.
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