CBFT manufactures a wide range of water chillers. The water chiller is equipped with many advanced components such as a built-in parameter setting, high/low-temperature alarms and various overload relay, phase reverse relay, oil separator, suction accumulator, thermal expansion valve, receiver. Also, it has a complete set of flexible water pump and piping system to ensure the smooth running of the machine.

We have specifically designed the machine to meet different refrigeration needs and it can be used with all the ice machines of us.

Our design is optimized for quick and easy commissioning and is endowed with an easy installation and maintenance process. The whole machine’s support frame is made of 304 stainless steel so that it is highly corrosion resistant and has a long working life.

The machine can offer an ultra-low temperature for the refrigeration process. It is a mechanical device that facilitates heat exchange. It requires only one-time heat exchange, and can directly supply ultra-low temperature cold water of 0.5 °C.

It is known to all that the machine that is manufactured by us can save energy and reduce the heat emission.

CBFT produces the machine that can be used to reduce water consumption and help conserve the environment whilst lowering the operating costs of our customers. 

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