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Operation Manual for Ice Maker Repair (2)【Combined with Picture and Text】


Symptom 7: Some ice cubes are incomplete in shape.  Analysis and maintenance: The cause of the failure is that the spray pipe hole is blocked, which makes the water flow in the spray pipe not smooth. In the state of ice making and running water, use tweezers to remove the debris in the water outlet holes of the spray pipe, and make the water in each hole as unobstructed as possible.

   Symptom 8: No ice making.  Analysis and maintenance: The reasons for this failure are: 1. The machine is not placed horizontally, just place it horizontally as required; 2. The ice thickness detector is damaged or the adjusted thickness is too small; 3. The solenoid valve is damaged; 4. The refrigerant leaks.   Symptom 9: The water pump works, but the water is not supplied. Analysis and maintenance: The reasons for the failure are: 1. There is air in the pipeline, just discharge the air in the water pump; 2. There is too much ice slag at the bottom of the sink. At this time, it is necessary to shut down and discharge the ice slag, and then restart; 3. The internal impeller of the pump Serious wear and tear, the water pump needs to be replaced.   [Hint] During the actual repair, it was found that the damage of the water pump was mostly due to too much scale inside the pump, which caused its operation to be blocked and finally burned. Therefore, the ice-making water circulation system should be cleaned regularly to avoid the formation of excessive scale, so as to ensure that no excessive debris flows into the water pump.   Symptom 10: It is not easy to remove the ice. Analysis and maintenance: The reasons for this failure are: 1. The water flow is small or the water valve is broken; 2. The heating valve is broken or insufficient heat supply; 3. The surface of the evaporator is too dirty, that is, too much scale; 4. The ice is set The thickness is too thick.   Symptom 11: Can not automatically replenish water.  Analysis and maintenance: First, check the water inflow of the pipeline. If there is no water, you need to connect the water source and restart the machine. If the water inlet pipe is normal, it indicates that the water inlet solenoid valve is faulty and needs to be replaced.   Symptom 12: Automatic shutdown.  Analysis and maintenance: The common cause of this failure is poor heat dissipation of the machine. Due to poor heat dissipation, the compressor becomes hot, causing overheat protection and shutting down. During the actual repair, first open the cover to observe whether the heat sink is dirty or if there are other foreign objects blocking the heat sink. If so, clean the condenser.   If a fan is used for heat dissipation, first check whether the fan is running normally. There are also some ice machines that do not use air cooling, but use water circulation to discharge the heat in the condenser (this method is called water cooling). At this time, you need to check whether the drainage and heat dissipation system is normal. No water flows out. Under normal circumstances, adjust the water valve so that warm water is discharged from the water outlet, which saves water and is environmentally friendly. For more details on the maintenance methods of the cbfi ice machine, please refer to: Maintenance Manual (1)

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