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One requirement for buying a block ice machine is particularly important

Large bar ice machine and large block ice machine, also known as large ice machine, large ice packing machines, are large-scale machinery used for mass production of ice cubes of more than 20 kg. At present, there are two main types of large block ice machines in China, one is ammonia system ice machine, and the other is fluorine system ice packing machines. Due to the use of two different refrigerants, ammonia and fluorine, the two systems are completely different. Therefore, companies that usually need to purchase large ice machines should pay special attention to their own conditions and make choices during the inspection stage. The following five things need to be considered when choosing: 1. The national policy ammonia system's large ice maker has the following safety hazards: ammonia is toxic, flammable and explosive, household ammonia system accidents occur from time to time; a small amount of ammonia leakage will cause storage and storage pollution , A large amount of leakage will endanger personal safety. Therefore, it is not only inconvenient to use in cold storage places, but also poses a threat to nearby residents. The government does not allow the use of ammonia systems in residential areas and densely populated places. Therefore, before making a choice, you should first contact the national safety supervision department and confirm whether it is possible to build a large ice maker with an ammonia system. The large ice maker of the fluorine system does not have this problem. 2: Safety requirements Due to the complex structure and a large number of pressure vessels, the large ice maker in the ammonia system requires stricter safety measures. Refrigerators and computer rooms should be equipped with adequate water sources and ventilation facilities to deal with accidents. There should be special convenience cabinets for emergency rescue items in the computer room or near the computer room. It is equipped with an oxygen breathing apparatus (or air breathing apparatus). , Protective clothing, alkaline filters, gas masks, rubber protective gloves, rubber water pipes and other protective equipment. The machine room and the machine room are equipped with necessary maintenance tools and are easy to access, such as: pipe wrenches, movable tools, pipe clamps of various specifications, rubber plates, asbestos plates, valves, fillers, iron wires, screwdrivers, wire cutters and others tool. Equipped with a variety of first aid medicines, including: citric acid, boric acid and acid concentrated lemon juice, plum juice or vinegar. Rescue items and medicines should be checked regularly, and various safety equipment should be replaced in time, and must be checked before use. Production units of large ammonia block ice machines must prepare safety contingency plans. Any employee who finds that an accident is about to occur or has occurred should immediately report the accident in accordance with the accident reporting procedure. The person in charge of receiving should rush to the scene of the accident immediately and determine to start all or part of the plan according to the accident and development. Even if part of the plan is started, the rescue organization should be required to enter a state of preparation. And invest in rescue at any time. 3: Operating costs In industrial refrigeration, the ammonia system has been used for more than 70 years, and there has been no major technological progress in these years. Due to the high cost of control valves and components and the high cost of automation, home automation cannot be fully automated. Moreover, due to the strong professionalism of the operation, the large-scale ice maker of the ammonia system generally operates 24 hours a day, so a large number of professional and technical personnel are required to take turns to take care. Labor costs. In addition, there are many refrigeration components in the large ice maker of the ammonia system, and the refrigeration system is more complicated. Routine maintenance and damage repair operations are very complicated, requiring a lot of labor costs, parts and materials costs. 4: Purchase cost Ammonia system large block ice machine has the characteristics of large single machine capacity and large cooling capacity. It is still widely used in large refrigeration systems. In many cases, engineers from the design institute are familiar with ammonia systems and are used to design refrigeration systems. Since the cooling capacity of a single ammonia machine can reach 250 kW or higher, and the maximum value of a fluorine machine (low temperature) is 100 kW, if a larger cooling capacity is to be used, multiple machines must be connected in parallel. ), the ammonia machine is much cheaper than the fluorine parallel device. 5: Technical personnel Ammonia system large block ice packing machines has greater requirements for the professionalism of technical personnel, especially maintenance and repair personnel. Therefore, the training time and intensity of relevant technical personnel is long, and the working environment has certain health hazards. There are fewer and fewer young people willing to learn relevant skills, so it is more difficult to recruit personnel, and wages are more demanding. This is also a problem that many buyers don't easily think of in the early stage.
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