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Oil drain system is introduced

Ammonia refrigeration system need oil drain device has high voltage equipment: ammonia oil separator, condenser and high pressure liquid. Medium voltage equipment, intercooler, low-pressure equipment: low pressure circulation barrels, ammonia liquid separator, drainage, low pressure liquid, and used for cooling of cold extrusion picked horizontal evaporator, water tank evaporator. In medium and large refrigeration systems, is generally high, medium pressure containers share a set of oil drain, low pressure container, because the internal temperature is low, oil viscosity, oil drain more difficult, often put oil grease traps set up a separate, small system can set an oil trap.

is high school low-pressure equipment oil drain system design scheme, the equipment of oil pipe connected to the inlet pipe of oil trap oil drain first, pressure reducing valve is opened, the pressure drop to evaporation pressure in the oil trap, and then open a device of grease traps oil drain valve, inlet valve, open the pressure reducing valve in the separation of oil mix some ammonia liquid, to be set when the pressure inside the tank to the evaporating pressure close valve and let stand for 20 min, and then open the oil trap oil delivery valve will be released. ,
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