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Oil cooling machine in cold water

Oil cooling with cold water machine ( Also has is called oil cooling machine, cold oil machine) Role in 1, accurate temperature control to ensure the accuracy and speed of 2 industrial machinery production. Friction cause gear oil pressure control device of heating, cooling was carried out on the gear to avoid metal expansion 3. To prevent oil deterioration caused by high temperature, and maintain stability of the oil features ( Including oil viscosity, etc. ) 4. Refrigerant by pass to prevent the spindle work precision falling and center offset or thermal deformation, and prolong the service life of the five. Ongoing spindle bearing and motor thermal mechanical stress, for cooling in order to maintain its stability.

oil cooling with cold water machine the us-japan new imported famous brand compressor, high accuracy, stable and reliable performance, the built-in security protection; Equipped with imported precision type digital temperature controller, digital display water temperature, can accurately control temperature & plusmn; 1 ℃, set temperature 5 ℃ range & ndash; 35℃。

oil cooling with cold water machine is widely used in hydraulic station, hydraulic press, lubrication station, reducer, numerical control machine tool mechanical shaft, electric spindle, discharge processing equipment. Oil cooling with cold water vendors would provide do not calibration, solution.

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