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Normal antler lyophilizer with new velvet antler freeze dryer

Velvet antler lyophilizer freeze-drying machine, also known as velvet is a kind of pilose antler, deer penis, deer blood can be used to vacuum freeze drying equipment. Because conventional ordinary velvet antler lyophilizer limit the freeze-dried production of pilose antler, bold features of pilose antler, targeted designed a velvet antler with freeze-drying equipment.

at present, velvet antler freeze-dried academic research, the production processing and the public patent technology, are in general freeze-drying equipment, type of velvet antler slice or branch smaller plum velvet antler was studied by means of lyophilization. Because ordinary lyophilizer shelf within the freeze drying oven object plate is level of equally spaced parallel put, restricted by resting content plate spacing, unable to put branch type larger training horses pilose antler, so although single head produce high horse velvet antler in pilose antler products occupy a large proportion, there is no horse training of pilose antler freeze-dried equipment and freeze-drying technology research. For the velvet antler freeze-drying processing unit, usually hope both in the same device can complete antler slice freeze-dried, can complete the training plum velvet antler and training horses the freeze-drying production of pilose antler, but existing freeze-drying equipment can meet the actual demand.

according to the above requirements, to provide a dedicated to antler freeze-drying production freeze-drying machine, its biggest characteristic is inside the machine USES a structure variable artifacts ( Traditionally known as rack) , the function of the rack can be according to the shape and size of freeze-dried materials, to adjust its structure layout, can be done in the same device can antler slice and smaller clubs antler freeze-dried production branch type, also can accomplish great branches pilose antler freeze-drying production type of horse. When need freeze-dried smaller volume, shape flat plum velvet antler and pilose antler slice, the rack assembly into conventional horizontal multilayer parallel plate laminated structure; When need frozen type produce in larger training horses pilose antler, the rack can be composed of the up and down or so behind and with radiation cooling/heating plate of whole space, thus will training ma velvet antler in which large materials such as suspension, the lyophilization process.

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