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New type fast ice maker-Fuji ice flake machine


  The new fast cbfi ice machine Fuji ice flake machine is widely used in the processing and preservation of aquatic products and the production of ice for the market due to its small footprint, fast ice production speed, and high degree of automation. This article will systematically introduce the shape, structure, and craftsmanship of this type of machine, and at the same time give a brief description of its use and operation.

Overview of   一

   There are K-type and KS-type in the Fuji borneol machine series made in Japan. Now take the K-20 as an example. This type of machine requires the outside temperature to be below + 35 ℃ and the raw water temperature below + 28 ℃. It is suitable for use in most areas of our country. The Fuji ice flake machine starts to produce ice ten minutes after it is turned on. The ice is flakes and its ice making capacity is 2 tons per day. The model is novel in shape and compact in structure. The main body is composed of upper and lower parts (see the figure below). The upper part is the compressor, ice making chamber (container) and electric control box, etc. The lower part is the ice storage bin.


   The upper front compressor is an open-type compressor, using R 2 2 refrigerant, with a power of 7.SK W and a cooling capacity of 13.1 0 0 kcal/h, equipped with cooling water tower to supply water for condensation. Behind the compressor is a circular ice-making container. Above the ice-making container is a transmission motor and a worm gear reducer, which is used to drive the ice cutter to operate and damage the ice. The outside of the container is an electric water supply box for ice-making water supply, and the inside is composed of a water tank, a water dispenser, a water pipe and an ice cutter. On the left side of the upper part is the control box, and the electrical control components are all concentrated in the control box.-The outside is the operation knob, from left to right are the control knobs of compressor, ice making water supply, solenoid valve, and cooling water tower. The ice storage bin in the lower part has a length and width of and a height of 2.lm.

When    is installed, in order to increase the support strength, it is necessary to install supporting angle irons at the four corners to prevent the heat insulation board from deforming under pressure. A horizontal rotating rod is installed in the ice bin. When the cbfi ice machine is turned on, the rod will rotate accordingly. When the ice flakes accumulate to the horizontal position of the rod leaf and block the rotating leaf of the rod, the compressor and water supply ice making will stop, achieving automatic control. Purpose.

  Second, refrigeration process, electrical control and regulation

  (1) Process flow

   The refrigeration process of this type of machine is: compressor-condenser-one Thermal expansion valve one container (evaporator) one~ The compressor is designed to supply liquid to the ice making container in two ways after throttling by the thermal expansion valve according to actual needs. The evaporation temperature of the refrigerant is -20 ℃ -25 ℃. If a refrigerator with a larger capacity than the standard model is used, it is also allowed.

   Before adjusting the thermal expansion valve, it is necessary to adjust the ice water supply valve. The method is: Open the valve, turn on the circulating water pump to run for a while, and spray water into the container. When the water reaches the water pipe at the lower edge of the container, adjust it so that most of the water is separated from the water distribution pipe, and the recovered water is very small. That's it. Adjustment of thermal expansion valve.

   This type of machine adopts A E x type thermostatic thermal expansion valve, and its two bellows are designed to maintain a constant superheat under changing operating conditions. The adjustment method of the thermal expansion valve is to increase the valve when the upper part of the container is white and the lower part is slightly black; when the container is all white but the ice is difficult to cut off, then the valve is adjusted smaller. Repeat several times until the time is right.

  (二)Circuit control

   The circuit control of this model basically adopts the method of interlocking control, and the corresponding overcurrent relay, high and low voltage controller and oil pressure difference are set in the circuit Controllers and other protection devices. Practice has proved that the control system is practical and reliable.

  3. Issues to note

   1. When installing, the solenoid valve of the refrigerator should be installed within 1 meter from the compressor.

  2. After the water supply of the ice making container is adjusted, it can be fixed, and the related control elements must be tested regularly to prevent malfunction.

  3. The cutting edge of the ice cutter must be sharpened regularly to keep it sharp to reduce the pressure on the worm gear reducer.

  4. The worm gear of the worm gear reducer is a vulnerable part, and the gear oil must be replaced regularly; when the worm gear is excessively worn, it must be replaced, otherwise it will be difficult to cut the ice.

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