New the lyophilizer

by:CBFI     2020-10-06
Create huge production advanced freeze-drying machine equipment, including industrial lyophilizer lyophilizer equipment and laboratory equipment, in the traditional drying methods varied, such as drying, cooking, drying, vacuum drying and spray drying, but ordinary drying methods are generally above 0 ℃ or under higher temperature. Dry the product generally smaller, quality of a material to harden problems, most volatile component is lost, some heat-sensitive material produces denaturation and inactivation, some material even oxidation occurred. Therefore, after drying products compared with before drying, there's a big difference in character.

freeze-dried law basically under 0 ℃, namely in product of frozen state, only in the later when reduce the residual water content of the products, to make products to more than 0 ℃ temperature, but is generally not more than 40 ℃. Under the condition of vacuum, when water vapor directly to sublimation, drugs with stay frozen ice shelf, forms a spongy porous structure, so it is dry after size is almost the same. Before using again, as long as add water for injection, and immediately dissolved.
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