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New method to detect the wind cold water machine lack of refrigerant

is very important for the cold water machine, lack of refrigerant refrigeration capacity decline, but also seriously affect or even damage the compressor. The essence of the lack of refrigerant protection is to protect the compressor, avoid burn winding temperature is too high. So how to effectively and timely and detect cold water machine lack of refrigerant is very important.
general detection method of air-cooled chiller short of industrial ice machine through the analysis of low voltage switch and low pressure sensor hardware detection, such problems are single detection conditions, is only a layer of protection for the system. And by controlling the kind of way to test for a lack of air-cooled chiller refrigerant currently widely used tube temperature difference value method and current power contrast method. For detecting method of fixed frequency air-cooled chiller short of refrigerant, it includes the following steps:

1, start the compressor, until the compressor operation time reaches the time ti;

2, judge whether meet the Tpi ‑ Twi≥ Ti1 and Twi ‑ Thi < Ti2, if satisfied, preliminary judgment is short of refrigerant water chillers; If it does not meet the judge the chiller is not short of industrial ice machine;

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