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New industrial cold water machine: the scale circulating water system

Industrial cold water machine temperature control at 0 degrees - general Within the scope of 35 degrees, its heat transfer mechanism is the core component of the cold water machine, cold water machine commonly used in the water tank installed in the evaporator, the evaporator to exhaust pipe, a industrial ice machine in the evaporator circulation, the water in the sink after evaporator, liquid refrigerant in the evaporator absorbs the water a lot of heat, so as to achieve the goal of lower water temperature, but in the use of modern cold water machine after long time, water will accumulate more scale, the scale is easy to make the cold water machine malfunction at work, at the same time, modern cold water machine work will produce heat, lack of effective method to recycle the waste heat.

new industrial cold water machine compared with the existing technology, through the inlet pipe to the U pipe join stay cool in hot water, add refrigerant inside the evaporator, via the first pipe buffer plate effectively improve the effect of the condensation, damper to reduce the high temperature industrial ice machine gas the impact on the pipe wall, u-shaped pipe conduit is mainly through setting prevent big accidents caused by the u-shaped pipe inner scale, absorbing heat of refrigerant by condensation within the second pipeline into the condenser after condensing industrial ice machine cycle of hot water for cooling, at the same time in the condensation heat recovery through the waste heat recovery unit, reduce energy loss, at the same time this device base on both sides of the drive motor can drive the drive rod rotation, so as to make the driving bevel gear drive driven bevel gear rotation, so as to make the threaded rod for elevator, convenient device for moving or stability, convenient operation.

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