New energy-saving program temperature drop

by:CBFI     2020-10-06
New energy-saving program temperature drop is to solve the problem of the liquid nitrogen consumption and uneven cooling and so on. Its solutions including liquid nitrogen container, liquid nitrogen container with horizontal heating wire, heating wire by wires and placed in the liquid nitrogen container data acquisition and control device connection, liquid nitrogen container inside part in outside of the infusion liquid nitrogen vessel nitrogen pipe, infusion of nitrogen pipe inlet on the upper heating wire and don't contact with them, the infusion of nitrogen pipe of the outlet position with a box, insulation insulation division side on their cases and transfusion air outlet of the nitrogen pipe, corresponding to the fixed place with hydrocyclone infusion nitrogen within the outlet in the cyclone tube, thermal insulation in the thing fixed have put on the floor, under the adiabatic temperature sensor is fixed side in the oven, the temperature sensor through wires connected to the data acquisition and control devices; The utility model structure is novel and unique, easy to use, high work efficiency.

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