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my country's ice machine industry belt has gradually formed a broad market prospect


  Refrigeration Express News: At present, ice machines have been widely used in many countries. In European and American countries, people have formed the habit of adding ice cubes to drinks since they were young. There, ice cubes are used for Tibetan wine, ice wine and bartending. Alcohol is a must-have drink for home life, so the popularity of ice machines is surprisingly high. In addition, the ice cubes produced by the ice-making mechanism are also widely used in ice compresses for wounds. It can prevent wound bleeding, reduce traumatic pain, and even reduce fever.

  In recent years, my country's ice machine industry belt has gradually formed, with a market output value of about 200 million yuan. Among them, the large-scale ice machine industry belt is mainly concentrated in Fujian, Chongqing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, where the manufacturing and processing industries are developed and the logistics is convenient; the small ice machine industry belt is mainly concentrated in the developed areas of commerce and trade. Such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan and other places in the Pearl River Delta and Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nantong and other places in the Yangtze River Delta.

   The fundamental reason for the bleak domestic market is that the Chinese lifestyle is very different abroad. Most Chinese people would not think of lowering the temperature of drinks by adding ice at home. Not many people think that ice cubes are needed. With the prevalence of hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, coffee shops and other consumer places, the commercial ice machine market still faces greater room for growth. In terms of household ice machines, with the gradual changes in Chinese consumption habits, the demand for ice machines in households has gradually increased. From the perspective of my country's overall environment, the ice machine industry will gradually have a broader market prospect as people's lifestyle changes.

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