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Mold temperature machine cooling circulating water system

Mold temperature machine, also called the mould temperature control machine, contains two aspects of heating and refrigeration temperature control, widely used in plastic injection, die casting, rubber tires, wheel of light guide plate, chemical reaction, adhesive and so on all walks of life. Mold temperature machine is one of the most important components in the plastic molding, its function is used to heat the mold and keep its operating temperature, to ensure the quality of injection molded parts stability and optimize the processing time. Usually include both heating and cooling temperature control. In general, in order to ensure that the molten plastic would be able to complete the injection molding process, need to mold temperature machine mould heating and heat preservation; When need to replace or repair the mould, need to mold temperature machine can rapidly cooling mould.

the cooling circulating water system in use a lot of manufacturer are often put water into a pool of large capacity, there exists a heat slowly, and easily affected by the sun and so on, affect the stability of the subsequent product production. So for mass production plastic products of continuous operation, how to realize the large flow rate of cooling water is strong cooling becomes the key to control mold temperature machine, also the plastic products production and quality.

die temperature machine, the cooling of the circulating water system, including the unit set inside the die temperature machine, cold water machine, water pump, underground reservoir, cooling pool and artificial landscape, artificial landscape set inside the cooling pool, and an underground tank is set in the cooling pool of underground, and the cooling pool through the pipeline connected; Chiller unit cooling the inlet underground reservoir by water pump and pipeline connection; Chiller unit cooling of the outlet through the pipe connected to the top of the artificial landscape, and make into the cooling pool for cooling water through the artificial landscape. The utility model using the artificial landscape to the heat dissipation of large area of water, artificial landscape type adopts the steps of the top-down structure, makes the downward flow of water wave jump, increases the contact with air, water temperature accelerated decline. Water at the same time increase the artificial landscape of ornamental effect, to beautify the environment effect.

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