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Modular screw water chiller - - Process control system

The modular screw water industrial ice machine control almost all the conventional control methods, such as piecewise control, trend and control or PI control.

in process control system: a process, in maintaining a controlled parameters, need to change a few operations. In accordance with the need of this kind of process control, the process control system. This system different from the previous system is that it's not use a controller to control a regulator ( Actuator, which is an operation) , but with a controller to control two or more than two regulator ( Multiple operations) , the different of each regulator in the controller output signal range, the control is divided into routine.

process and control system in the form of regulator electricity/gas switch and different points of different signal segment, can be divided into the following two categories:

( 3) Points of process control system applications

(1) according to the technological requirements and replacement of energy saving purpose to adjust quantity, guarantee the stability of the process parameters and to avoid an accident. In hvac systems, for example, to keep the air conditioning zone supply air temperature of the process control. For reasons of energy saving in air conditioning system, fresh air to make full use of natural cold source, so as to reduce the power consumption of the mechanical refrigeration. Controller to control the heating hot water control valve, air valve and the cooling coil of cold water control valve, control the three processes, in order to meet the winter, the excessive season, and the requirements of the summer. Hot water control valve USES electric closed type: air valve adopts open type; Cold water regulator using open type. Controller's operation instruction is given role, namely deviation when increasing the output of the controller are increased. At the same time, the system includes the small new air volume control, to ensure the health requirements.

to meet process control requirements in different load. Used in the production process and control, can make the process before driving and parking small flow operation, and run under normal working condition of large flow, or the production process can adapt to load greatly. With a relay control can avoid the load regulator are often in the opening is too small.

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