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Modern snowflake ice machine skills have become the main body of my country's strategic development

Snowflake ice machine integrates the advanced technology, professional technology and professional production of today's ice machine. It has stable quality and superior performance among similar products. Time-saving and energy-saving; using a unique row-chamber evaporator, ice making speed is fast, ice production efficiency is high, the development prospect of China's snowflake ice machine industry is still very broad, snowflake ice machine not only can satisfy the consumption of wine and other beverages Requirements, it is also widely used in daily life and production, such as treating wounds, cooling laboratory equipment, and food preservation and storage. Snowflake ice machine is a typical skill-intensive strategic property, and the core skills of serious scientific instruments and equipment that touch the frontiers of serious science and technology, national defense and other sensitive areas cannot be bought. This also determines that the scientific instrument and equipment property is a national strategic property. property. Putting scientific instruments in a protruding position and placing them forward is of great significance to strengthening a country's scientific and technological strength and economic development. During the 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan' period, my country will prioritize the development of scientific instruments and equipment that support the development of science and technology. The main features of the Snowflake adopts the technical row cavity partition type ice evaporator, which has high refrigeration efficiency and large ice production. Spiral hob squeeze ice making type, compact structure, realizing automatic separation of ice and water. The optimized design of the blade edge makes the ice shape small and practical. Frontier serious snowflake ice maker equipment. Based on the strategies and devices in the new round of scientific and technological revolution in our country, we will develop a number of serious scientific instruments and equipment with a preemptive degree, which will effectively support our country to launch world-wide scientific research and characteristic scientific research, and promote the development of high-tech industries. General snowflake cbfi ice machine equipment. We will focus our efforts to break a batch of scientific instruments and equipment that are in high demand, severely dependent on imports, and expensive in my country, occupy a number of scientific instruments and equipment center skills and key components, promote the overall level of scientific instruments and equipment in major areas, and break foreign monopolies. my country's snowflake ice machine industry belt has gradually formed. The fast-growing national snow ice machine industry is in great demand in China. The waste of energy consumption is obvious, and there is an urgent need to develop new products such as ice crushers. At present, from the perspective of the overall environment of our country, the national policy of building an innovative country with a good environment is the faster development of the snowflake ice machine industry, creating policy conditions. Moreover, the funds invested in scientific and technological innovation have increased significantly every year. Then, the industry should focus on our existing problems of poor processing accuracy and low material level, combined with the further improvement of energy efficiency, research and development of environmentally friendly refrigerants, and other issues. Combine, put forward specific issues, focus on breakthroughs and solve related technical problems as soon as possible, achieve rapid industry development and create a brand.
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