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Mini cold water machine and its application field

Research and development of the micro water industrial ice machine unit adopts the design of miniature digital temperature control system, the operation is simple, more stable operation. With small volume, high efficiency, small heat, flexibility, etc. Is targeted at the domestic market for the research and development of the micro cold water machine, can be used for fever is small, only need to maintain a constant temperature equipment. For example, scientific research laboratory instruments and equipment, medical equipment and so on.

the micro cold water machine the regular minimum refrigerating capacity is 300 w, if you have any needs, can also according to user requirements, provide the calibration and the relevant solutions.

the micro cold water machine application fields:

the research laboratory equipment: jacketed reactor temperature control, electron microscope, distiller, condenser pipe, welding machine and electron beam welding machine, material fatigue testing machine, chemical deposition system, atomic deposition system, pulsed laser deposition, heat quantity meter, refractometer, density detector, electrophoresis tank, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), accelerator, ion spraying, / condenser tubes, distiller, chromatographic column, rheometer and other laboratory equipment;

analysis instrument: atomic absorption spectrum, ICP spectrometer ( Plasma spectrometer) 、ICP- MS, X-ray diffraction, X-ray fluorescence, X-ray instrument, biological fermentation tank ( Fermentation device) , chemical reactor ( Synthesizer) , the reaction kettle, rotary evaporation, electrophoresis system capillary, transblot system, chest, mass spectrometer, rotation, viscometer, etc;

medical equipment: cooling blanket, CT, accelerator, low field nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and superconducting magnetic resonance (NMR) and linear accelerator;

laser equipment: solid laser, laser etching, laser welding, laser marking, compact laser, high-performance pumped laser, medical laser and other laser equipment;

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