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Methods of storage and preservation of agricultural products


The storage and preservation of agricultural products (usually use cold storage to store)has always been a thorny issue for producers. The storage of agricultural products generally requires moderate low temperature, and can not be excessively humid and protected from light. In particular, some agricultural products with harsh storage conditions, such as ripe bananas and tomatoes, require not only low temperature but also proper humidity to keep them fresh. There are the following methods for storage and preservation of agricultural products.

1. Refrigeration


Low temperature can reduce the respiratory intensity of agricultural products, reduce water loss, and inhibit the growth of microorganisms. And it can delay the activity of microorganisms and inhibit the activity of enzymes, so as to weaken the physiological and chemical changes of agricultural products during storage and maintain their due quality. The characteristic of this storage method is that the effect is good, but the cost is higher.

2. Dry or dehydrated


There are two kinds of natural drying and artificial drying. The purpose of drying is to reduce the humidity of the storage environment and the agricultural products themselves, to eliminate the conditions for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, and to prevent the agricultural products from becoming moldy. The physiological activities of dry agricultural products have been reduced to a very low level, which can effectively inhibit the activities of microorganisms and are suitable for long-term storage.

3. Control the gas in the storage environment


Changing the concentration of breathing gas in the storage environment can inhibit the respiration of agricultural products and other metabolic reactions.

With the development of the times and the progress of the country, the storage and preservation technology of agricultural products has been developing, such as the current mature cold storage. The day when people eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day is coming.





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