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Medicinal freeze drier in the benefits of maca freeze-dried piece

Because the advantage of FD freeze-dried at low temperature, freeze-drying machine in the medical pharmaceutical, fruit and vegetable food, biological products in areas such as widely used. Factory here, and you talk about medicinal freeze drier in the benefits of maca freeze-dried piece! ! !

maca alias CARDS, also known as the Andean ginseng, its effect on improving sexual function significantly, maca overnight become a new star in international health foods and drugs; Has the effect to improve energy, fertility and good tonic tribute, widely used by the Spanish royal families.

but fresh maca unfavorable to preserve, perishable; And traditional slice drying, drying process can cause maca shrinkage deformation becomes angry, nutrient loss greatly.

medicinal freeze drier in maca freeze-dried applications, in a nutshell, freeze-dried way is to keep fresh maca, contains a lot of moisture in advance for low temperature freezing into solid, then under the condition of vacuum sublimation, the water vapor directly from the solids obtained after drying of maca. Because in the frozen state to dry, so almost the same size, maintained the original structure, not happen enrichment phenomenon, shape will be more beautiful; Can eliminate 95 - drying More than 99% of the water, dry products can be long-term preservation and not bad.

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