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Medical linear accelerator, cold water machine

Because of the medical linear accelerator multiple components in the process of work will produce a lot of heat, multiple devices is strict to the requirement of temperature, need to form a complete set of cooling temperature, cold water machine can make the medical linear accelerator in relatively stable state to guarantee the normal work of the accelerator. So cold water machine is also known as medical linear accelerator, cold water machine.

cold water machine the constant temperature water system to adjust the accelerator of constant temperature water and secondary water cooling water system including level, level of the circulating water system in water is mainly the accelerator.

medical linear accelerator at the same time cold water machine in use process, also need to pay attention to the cold water machine cooling circulating water pipeline is thinner, scale and plugging in the pipeline, pipeline in order to ensure the circulating water is higher, to the requirement of water quality are generally filled with distilled water or deionized water, require resistance value is greater than 1 m & Omega; , and usually with ion removal equipment in circulating water system and in effect of ion drop should be replaced in a timely manner to ion device to ensure normal water quality; Secondary cooling is mainly carried out on the level of water circulation cooling, each quarter need outside of heat exchanger and secondary water cooling machine preventive maintenance, to guarantee the normal work of the level of water in the temperature control, 18± 2) ℃.

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