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Medical cryogenic refrigerator is introduced and its development

Cryopreservation box, medical cryogenic refrigerator, also known as medical hospital is one of the necessary instruments, laboratory research. Mainly used for low temperature preservation medicines, vaccines, reagents and specimens, plant seeds that can be drawn from the body of genebanks, gene clone library and some important biological and chemical reagents and industrial development.

medical cryogenic refrigerator development initial period may also need to artificially set temperature, people need to continue to the detection of drugs, very inconvenient. The development of science and technology, independent research and development of medical cryogenic refrigerator, bring their own temperature monitoring equipment, can monitor the temperature of the ultra-low temperature freezer, and temperature regulation. At the same time, also improved the medical cryogenic refrigerator manufacturing material, to reduce the noise made it and the loss of cooling capacity, more energy conservation and environmental protection, refrigeration and more quickly.

medical cryogenic refrigerator also has alarm device, when the medical personnel are off work, medical cryogenic refrigerator is working, but we don't have to worry about it is out of order, once appear unexpected situation, alarm automatically, can be said to be quite convenient.

the integral design of the medical cryogenic refrigerator is divided into horizontal and vertical two types of models. Among them, the horizontal medical cryogenic refrigerator mainly for red blood cells, white blood cells, tissues, biological products, such as demanding products for temperature preservation. And relative temperature requirements slightly loose medical materials saved, tend to vertical cryogenic refrigerator. Such as: blood preservation, in the study of biological environment requires a lower temperature experiment and some require special temperature preservation of medical drugs and so on.

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