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Medical cryogenic refrigerator

Is a professional medical cryogenic refrigerator manufacturers, can provide medical cryogenic refrigerator a complete set of solutions, and the calibration. Medical cryogenic refrigerator used the new high-grade totally enclosed compressor, stable performance and low noise, long service life; Medical cryogenic refrigerator is of high qualified steel plate, with low temperature alarm, temperature sensor fault alarm and safety lock function, can be real-time monitoring, effectively prevent the accident from happening.

medical cryogenic refrigerator USES is embedded design, products can be directly embedded into the wall, save space; Horizontal medical cryogenic refrigerator can also be customized open transparent glass door, high transparency, can observe the storage condition of the item. Vertical medical cryogenic refrigerator drawer design, store up goods can be classified to take is also very convenient. Medical cryogenic refrigerator also is equipped with the design of the door lock, to reinforce the reagent sample confidentiality measures, not stolen phenomenon.

the characteristics of medical cryogenic refrigerator:

features a: sealing strong, heat preservation performance.

some cooler, compared with traditional medical cryogenic refrigerator sealing is better, in order to improve the sealing, has carried on the innovation in this regard, the purpose in order to ensure that the temperature of the cryogenic refrigerator. And the compressor is reformed, the refrigeration capacity is increased.

features 2: temperature records, accurate temperature control.

medical cryogenic refrigerator with temperature recording function, automatically control the temperature of the preservation box. Can reduce the possibility of drug metamorphism.

features three: stronger bearing strength and durability.

medical cryogenic refrigerator with durable materials, even in the case of super high or low temperatures will not be damaged. And the tank is made of stainless steel material, increase the bearing capacity of enclosure, USES the aluminum plate, embossed aluminum composite panels are good than ever on several times.

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