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Mechanism of cold water cooling ability is poor

Lack of refrigeration capacity method:

(1) the position of the slide valve inappropriate or other failures: check and adjust the position maintenance slide valve.

(2) the suction filter blockage, inspiratory pressure loss is too large, the inspiratory pressure drop, volumetric efficiency decrease: remove the suction filter filter cleaning.

3. The machine is not normal wear and tear, caused asked gap is too large, adjustment or replacement parts.

(4) suction pressure is lower than the evaporation pressure, check valve, Such as suction stop valve or check valve, etc. )

5) leakage between high and low voltage system; Check the by-pass pipe used in the drive, parking.

6 injection quantity is insufficient, can't realize the sealing effect: check whether the valve is sealed and check the oil, oil pump, oil filter, improve the oil amount.

7 machine exhaust pressure is much higher than the condensing pressure, volume efficiency decline: check the exhaust system piping and valves, remove the resistance of the exhaust system. Such as air infiltration system should be ruled out.

was the leakage of industrial ice machine, industrial ice machine leakage directly led to the decrease of the evaporating pressure. Stop and check the leak location.
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