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Mechanical pump leak detection to summarize

System after the leak detection qualified, to use mechanical pump on the system about 5 min of pumping air into vacuum state, make the system to achieve a certain degree of vacuum, on this basis, the filling the pressure of working medium gas let stand for 5 min, then repeat to aeration process 2 ~ 3 times, achieve the purpose of replacement gas purification system, to ensure that the working medium gas purity. Because a small amount of residual air in the high temperature caused by system components of inside ( Such as regenerator, the heating wire, etc. ) Oxidation, so that the heat transfer performance variation or pipe betting. After the completion of the gas displacement, filling the propellant gas to experiment the required pressure.

( 1) Check whether the installation of the pressure sensor, the freezing point of thermocouple compensation is normal.

( 2) Open a charge amplifier, instruments, such as dynamic testing and sampling phase-locked amplifier for instrument preheating paying special attention to is that whether the sensitivity on the charge amplifier and the connection of the sensitivity of pressure sensor.

( 3) Data acquisition software, real-time measuring pressure and temperature of each point.

( 4) Open the cooling water, after the check, open the power of the heater, heater for heating. Acting on heating heater is gradually heating way, make the system slow heating, with the increase of temperature, gradually by high voltage, the greater the heat input.

( 5) Performance test

( 6) After the experiment, slowly to reduce heat, and finally close the power of the heat.

( 7) In turn off charge amplifier, such as dynamic testing and sampling phase-locked amplifier instrument of power supply.

to heater temperature down to room temperature, closed cooling water, the experiment is over
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