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Mechanical and Physical Removal of Mildew in Cold Storage

Mechanical and Physical Removal of Mildew in Cold Storage


There are three types of mildew removal methods for cold storage room: mechanical removal, physical removal and chemical removal.

   (1) Mechanical mold removal method

   is the part that performs cleaning and eradication of mold. It is also combined with other mold removal methods. There is an air washing method in the mechanical mold removal method, which is to install a water sprayer at the air inlet, and the air is circulated through the water to wash the mold spores. This method is like the current wet air cooler. , Can play a role in reducing mold.

   (2) physical mold removal method of cold storage room

   is the use of temperature, humidity, ultraviolet light, high frequency electricity and copper wire mesh filter to remove mildew. The temperature for mold growth is generally between -6°C and 40°C. For this reason, mold growth is rarely seen in low-temperature storage. Hot alkaline water can also be used to kill mold on tools and equipment. The growth of mold is closely related to temperature, so temperature control can only be used appropriately.

  Using ultraviolet light to remove mildew is a better method. It can sterilize, remove mildew, and also has some deodorizing effects. But this can only work on the directly irradiated part. Generally, 0.33 to 3 watts of ultraviolet radiation per cubic meter can be used to kill microorganisms when irradiated on an area of 2 meters away for 6 hours. But the effect of ultraviolet light is affected by temperature and humidity. The closer to the normal temperature of microbial growth, the higher the humidity, the stronger the ability to sterilize and remove mildew. Ultraviolet light can promote the oxidation of fat, so be careful when using it. The copper wire mesh filter is equipped with a copper wire mesh at the upwind, which can kill some molds.