Meat and Poultry Processing

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Meat and Poultry Processing

Meat and Poultry Processing


Industry Knowledge Introduction

In order to maintain the quality of meat and poultry products during processing, internal poultry products need to be cooled at all parts of the process. Some production processes use frozen water, while others require ice to cool them more quickly. 

Processing requirements: Reducing the temperature of poultry as soon as possible through initial processing can delay microbial growth and reduce spoilage. Both increase shelf life and freshness. This goal can be achieved by freezing water and ice.

CBFI Recommended Refrigeration Solutions

CBFI can provide your meat and poultry refrigeration with a complete chilled water system as well as a complete ice making, storage and distribution system.

 Poultry precooling methods can be divided into air cooling, ice water precooling and cold water precooling according to different precooling media.

1. Air cooling refers to the process in which the medium of pre-cooling is cold air. The refrigerator is used to reduce the temperature of the air in the pre-cooling room to below 4. ----- corresponds to our air cooler.

2. Ice water precooling refers to the process in which the chicken is precooled to 4℃ with water, and then the cold water is mixed with sheet ice again to precool the chicken so that the central temperature of the chicken is reduced. ------- corresponds to our ice chip machine.

3. Cold water precooling refers to the process of using low temperature cold water to reduce the central temperature of chicken during the precooling process. ----- corresponds to our water chiller.

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Recommend Equipment


                            Pre-cooling storage

news-Meat and Poultry Processing-CBFI-img                      Flake Ice Machine



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