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Mass spectrometer cold water machine

Mass spectrometer is a precision instrument, high sensitivity, slightly affect the result of the experiment is sell at a discount greatly; And form a complete set of mass spectrometer with cold water machine ( Mass spectrometer cold water machine) Greatly improved the working conditions of mass spectrometer and improves the sensitivity and efficiency of the mass spectrometer.

mass spectrometer cold water machine is a kind of can provide constant, constant current, constant pressure of cooling water circulation machine, adjustable temperature control. Mass spectrometer cold water machine adopts air-cooled cooling method, get rid of the cooling water system is essential for cooling towers, cooling water pump and pipeline system, condenser fouling, the water had poor areas can be avoided pipe blockage, also saves the water resources, is one of the refrigeration equipment products, maintenance is the most economical, simple models.

mass spectrometer industrial ice machine areas of application:

1, mass spectrometer, cold water machine applied in the laboratory equipment: jacketed reactor temperature control, electron microscope, distiller, condenser pipe, welding machine and electron beam welding machine, material fatigue testing machine, chemical deposition system, atomic deposition system, pulsed laser deposition, heat quantity meter, refractometer, density detector, electrophoresis tank, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), accelerator, ion spraying, / condenser tubes, distiller, chromatographic column, rheometer and other laboratory equipment;

2, mass spectrometer, cold water machine applied in laser equipment: solid laser, laser etching, laser welding, laser marking, compact laser, high-performance pumped laser, medical laser and other laser equipment;

3, mass spectrometer, cold water machine applied in analytical instruments: atomic absorption spectrum, ICP spectrometer ( Plasma spectrometer) 、ICP- MS, X-ray diffraction, X-ray fluorescence, X-ray instrument, biological fermentation tank, chemical reactor ( Synthesizer) , the reaction kettle, rotary evaporation, electrophoresis system capillary, transblot system, chest, mass spectrometer, rotation, viscometer, etc;

4, mass spectrometer, cold water machine is applied to vacuum equipment, such as molecular pump, vacuum electron beam welding, diffusion pump, vacuum equipment;

5, mass spectrometer, cold water machine is applied to medical equipment: cooling blanket, CT, accelerator, low field nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and superconducting magnetic resonance (NMR) and linear accelerator;

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