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Market application of flake ice machine 1. Fresh-keeping of seafood and aquatic products and application prospects

1. The market prospect of flake industrial ice maker in seafood and aquatic products In 2017, my country's aquatic product output was 69 million tons, of which, the output of aquatic products was 51.56 million tons and the output of captured aquatic products was 17.44 million tons. Benefiting from population growth, urbanization and consumption upgrades, my country's aquatic product consumption will continue to increase, and it is expected that my country's aquatic product consumption will reach 75 million tons in the next five years. Aquatic seafood is inseparable from fishing, production, transportation and retail. With the growth of seafood demand, the application of flake ice machines in seafood and aquatic products will continue to expand in the future. 2. What are the applications of flake ice machines in seafood and aquatic products? 1. Ocean fishing of seafood. At present, the annual fishing volume of seafood in my country is 17 million tons, ranking second in the world. Fishing boats go out to sea for fishing generally ranging from 3 days to 60 days. If you go out for a long time to fish, the fishing boat needs to install a marine industrial ice maker or carry ice cubes, and use ice flakes to quickly freeze seafood to keep fresh and keep the taste of seafood well. . It is currently the best way to keep fresh seafood in the sea. 2. Frozen transportation of aquatic seafood. The transportation time of seafood can be as short as half a day or several hours, and as long as one or two days or half a month by sea. Regardless of the length of time, the transportation temperature needs to be controlled to achieve the purpose of preservation. For example, a closed incubator truck or ordinary box truck, adding ice flakes or ice cubes to achieve the purpose of cooling and keeping fresh, is currently a common way of keeping fresh seafood from wholesale to retail. 3. Wholesale and retail fresh-keeping seafood has good taste, rich nutrition, and rich in protein, which is deeply loved by consumers. The retail freshness of aquatic seafood is also very important. The quality of freshness directly affects the price and taste of seafood. For example, supermarket aquatic products preservation: spreading flakes of ice on the ice table, and then spreading seafood and aquatic products on the ice flakes, is currently the most common retail preservation method, which can preserve freshness and is convenient for consumers to purchase. This preservation method can be very good. Preserve the taste and umami taste of seafood.
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