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Many manufacturers have joined the competition in the snow ice machine market

The market prospect of the snowflake ice machine should be very good. The snowflake ice machine industry grew up in the process of restructuring of public institutions. This is a benign interaction between the government and the market. Provide a broader space for this industry. In addition, domestic residents have gradually shifted to the stage of pursuing a higher quality of life, which also requires the follow-up development of the supporting service industry. The scale of the snowflake ice machine market is difficult to concretize. Here, there is a problem of defining the scope of the industry, which is usually the case. Next, this industry has gathered a group of middle class with professional internal strength and academic background. Its development and growth are very helpful to China's social structure adjustment. Therefore, one should not simply interpret the prospects of an industry from the perspective of output value, but more importantly, its role in social and economic development. In recent years, the snowflake ice machine has rapidly expanded to many companies, and the number of companies with manufacturing capabilities has doubled in an instant, and more and more manufacturers have joined the competition in the snowflake ice machine market. At the same time, its technology types are becoming more and more diversified. Statistics show that the market share of domestic brand centrifugal units from 2011 to 2013 was 9.0%, 8.6%, and 8.8%, respectively, and the market capacity was 2.75 billion yuan, 3.2 billion yuan, and 4.2 billion yuan. Description of the characteristics and performance of the snowflake machine. In order to ensure the development of the snowflake ice machine in the refrigeration industry, the manufacturer will conduct a series of ice making performance tests and adjustments before leaving the factory. This is also the ice machine in terms of other ice making products. Performance and after-sales guarantee. Let me introduce the appearance and characteristics of the Snow . The exterior is made of stainless steel, which is compact and concise to save space. Snow ice maker adopts microcomputer automatic control system on microcomputer control, which is safe and stable. Double-screw squeeze ice making method, the shape of the ice made is amorphous granular ice, which can penetrate into a narrow space, cool quickly, and has a good ice bath effect. There are protective shutdown functions such as full ice display, water shortage display, refrigerant lack display, fault warning display and so on. The power switch and function indicator lights are placed on the front of the machine for easy operation. The main parts, such as the disassembly of the water distribution pipe and the sink, do not require any tools, and are convenient for maintenance and cleaning. The innovative sliding door design is convenient for maintenance, time-saving and labor-saving. The stainless steel outer shell is decorated with silver-gray ABS engineering plastic, which is elegant and durable. It is reported that the market size of snowflake ice making machines is 10,000 units/year, of which 40% are sold in China. It is mainly used in large-scale refrigeration fields, such as factory projects, large-scale stores or commercial buildings. This means that the installed capacity of the snowflake ice machine may maintain a fixed share. It is reported that the snowflake ice machine is as small as 450 tons. If the snowflake ice machine is used below 450 tons, the energy efficiency will decrease. Domestic manufacturers continue to develop. The previous monopoly no longer exists, but the overall strength of the snowflake ice making unit Compared with foreign countries, there is still a big gap. In the field of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment, we have seen the widespread application of snowflake ice machines. However, companies still need to continuously strengthen the technical level of the industry, continue to innovate and develop, and promote the snowflake ice machine industry in the pharmaceutical industry. The healthy and long-term development of the machine industry, with the development of the snowflake ice machine, the related technology of the snowflake ice machine has been improved. With the support of national policies and the continuous efforts of the majority of snowflake ice machine enterprises, we believe that the future of my country's snowflake ice machine industry will be even better.
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