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Many head screw water chiller's control

Screw water chiller is the main energy consumption equipment large public building air conditioning system, its performance largely determines the energy efficiency of air conditioning system. So how to control the screw water chillers and efficiency play an important role.
more head screw water chiller control methods include: access to more than the nose of the chiller output load capacity and demand; To determine whether a load demand is greater than the output capacity; And if, according to a single frequency top load percentage of energy efficiency of the centrifugal compressor and demand load with a single frequency centrifugal compressor, the highest energy efficiency ratio of load target on the Numbers of frequency conversion centrifugal compressor, and the target on the Numbers less than or equal to the compressor components in frequency under the condition of the normal operation of the centrifugal compressor sets, open the target frequency of centrifugal compressor. Scheme of the present invention can make the machine frequency conversion centrifugal compressor under the premise of meeting the cooling requirement always run at its highest state of energy efficiency, to ensure that the water industrial ice machine in the condition of more efficient operation, to achieve more energy conservation and environmental protection.

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