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Machine is characterized by low temperature cold water

The low temperature cold water machine is a kind of water cooling equipment, it can provide constant current, constant voltage, low temperature cooling water of a kind of industrial cold water machine. Low temperature cold water machine is widely used in plastics, electronics manufacturing, electroplating, medicine, chemical industry, the ultrasonic cooling, printing, laser, such as industrial production, it can accurately control temperature required by the modern industrial production mechanization, thus greatly improving the production efficiency and product quality.

below small make up to introduce the characteristics and low temperature water machine:

painted with high control accuracy, stable performance and reliable; Painted

host imported vortex compressor, refrigeration and stable performance;

painted figures show water temperature, is advantageous for the observation record;

u alarm device is equipped with automatic control and protection, fault signal output;

taken the water temperature and water flow can be adjusted according to the need;

to end all stainless steel water tanks, pumps, never rust. Painted

the operation is simple, and can work continuously for a long time;

taken according to different space requirements, design and production of fission machine; Painted

Europe and the United States, Japan high efficiency compressor, safety and energy saving, low noise;

u Italy, Germany and other foreign brand expansion valve, solenoid valve and other refrigeration fittings; Painted

Japan imported from temperature controller, accurate, stable and reliable;

u Siemens, mitsubishi, omron, etc international famous brand electrical components.

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