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Lubrication cold water machine

Lubrication and cooling; Centrifugal pump is on the ammonia cools the motor. Visible, if long-term not seven liquid ammonia pump idling & rsquo;
will be serious wear the gear pump, centrifugal pump motor will be burned. The use of a liquid protector - cut off Installed between the import and export of hydrogen pump & rsquo;
for some failure occurs when the ammonia pump system f, broken liquid pump WJJS: exports will lose pressure difference, this signal to protect the broken liquid
action, to cut off the ammonia pump power supply circuit, stop ammonia pump operation.
5) circular barrels of oil drain. Circulating industrial ice machine in barrel temperature and pressure is very low, internal accumulation of lubricating oil viscosity large emissions
points and difficulties, currently USES method there are two main types, one is at the bottom of the adjacent to circular barrel set up the special oil discharge device & # 39;
with large diameter, as much as possible in the shortest straight pipe connects the two, by the effect of gravity will be a lot of lubricant viscosity release. Oil
on exhaust tube should be set up in order to reduce pressure in the oil trap, and mix some ammonia liquid separation sleeve.
for evaporating temperature of refrigeration system, also can use a single oil trap by different evaporation temperature container E h I emission
viscosity lubrication sleeve, its method is set up in the oil trap three exhaust tube, each root extraction pipe with an evaporation temperature cycle
ring barrels of air inlet pipe is connected, so can make in different pressure in the oil trap, form a circular barrels and the pressure difference between the oil trap.

to evaporator for liquid form for liquid ammonia pump system to the evaporator for liquid form has two kinds, respectively is hydrogen fluid from the upper, gas-liquid mixture from the lower part of the
return, said progress under the type; Ammonia liquid from the bottom, gas-liquid mixture from the upper back, said into E type outlet under whatever form wu USES the
are widely used in the refrigeration system, in the design should pay attention to the characteristics of their respective main characteristics in the form of liquid
(1) after ammonia liquid into the evaporator, rely on natural weight low, therefore, installation location must under low pressure circulation drum steam all
hair, it puts forward the special requirements for the refrigeration room, if the period of existing condition is available, is bound to increase infrastructure costs.
2. After ammonia pump stop working, not evaporation of liquid ammonia in the evaporator by gravity flow immediately back to the low pressure circulation drum & rsquo; Empty the evaporator & rsquo;
warehouse will not continue to reduce temperature, strict control of temperature of the cooling device, should adopt the way of feed liquid and it
can accurately control temperature low temperature environment, easy to realize automatic control and automatic control equipment is relatively simple.
3. Due to the liquid ammonia from top to bottom in the evaporator by gravity low, it is easier to cut the lubricating oil within the evaporator & rsquo;
reduced the lubricating oil on the surface of evaporation duct Chiang dye, reduces the wall heat transfer resistance.
(4) on the evaporator defrosting, defrosting device is simple, stop for liquid defrosting operation, can be carried out on time.
5. Recycling barrel must be able to accommodate ammonia pump stop running after all the industrial ice machine liquid backflow from the evaporator. So you need to set the
the cycle of nan buy larger volume. When using circular barrels and drainage need further increase circulation bucket volume.
6. When the number of sets of evaporator is much and parallel branch, more is not easy to do with uniform fluid, thus affect the normal work of the part of the evaporator
, sometimes adjustments to installing the regulator on the selection. If the selection evaporator vertical elevation & rsquo; Steamed
send the evaporation pressure is not affected by liquid column in the vessel.
the into the type for the main characteristics of wave form.
(1) remain the state of pressure conveying liquid hydrogen into the evaporator, even in a number of sets of evaporator is much and under multiple
the condition of parallel branch is easy to do with liquid evenly.
2. When the temperature of the warehouse has reached set value, has been stopped for liquid, evaporator inside still have residual ammonia liquid, they continue to evaporate
absorption of heat, make the warehouse temperature continues to fall, for low temperature environment temperature requires strict control of refrigerating bring certain difficulty, complex and
for automatic control system, the I ~ t f ~} l< Acir.
(3) the evaporator set number, large elevation difference, under the condition of low position of evaporator under large hydrostatic column pressure & # 39;
evaporation pressure rise.
4. Because there is always residual ammonia liquid inside the evaporator, the evaporator defrosting before to the drainage, first time trouble mouth
ammonia pump for
(1) the characteristics of fluid system due to the ammonia liquid flow in the evaporator is greater than evaporation, refrigerants have higher velocity and larger wetted perimeter,
in the evaporation unit industrial ice machine generally show & other; Fog circulation throughout the &; The inner surface of the evaporator, strengthen r heat intensity and reduced the lubricating oil
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