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Low temperature treatment application

Low temperature line has become a new subject in biology and medicine, namely cryobiology and surgery at low temperature. In some cases at low temperature can be used to save the cells and tissues. Low temperature application in the field of frozen medical several aspects in summary.

1. Low-temperature shell

low temperature in the application of the shell is refers to the freezing damage, freezing adhesion, prostatic hyperplasia, cervical cancer, women menopause functional bleeding, rectal cancer, etc. , freezing adhesion is to make the freezer between the probe and organization in the ice crystals grow green near the maximum temperature value, this is the probe in the frozen tissue adhesion, strongest clinical use this nature Venus brain tumor excision, cataract proliferative sticking out and the treatment. Frozen block can lead to luminal stenosis and thrombosis, so that can slow down the nerve conduction velocity, temporarily lost my nerves conduction function, clinically useful treatment of Parkinson's disease heald syndrome, cerebral vascular malformation, etc.

2. Low temperature shell equipment

special cryotherapy probe

after a large number of clinical trials and instruments of constantly improve, commercial production in the areas of the brain, prostate, cervical and lung, rectum special cryotherapy probe has widespread use in the cities in the domestic hospital, is the conventional weapons for the treatment of tumor.

3. Cryopreservation

low temperature preservation developed rapidly in this year, such as blood, lymphocyte, cornea and skin has entered a practical cryopreservation method. Cryopreservation has design of agriculture, animal husbandry, biological and other fields.

4. Low temperature anesthesia analgesic

low temperature can be narcotic nerve, alleviate suffering. England aten hospital doctors study a successful & other; Low temperature probe analgesia method & throughout; , they first find cause great pain parts of the nerve, and then insert the probe to the nerve, near the top of the probe with industrial ice machine - temperature Below 60 ℃. Such a cold, can relieve acute pain, completely disappear. Low temperature probe of cylinder effect can last for a period of time or for a few days, some cases of pain can be fully contact. Patients accepting the analgesia, no side effects, and do not need to be in hospital, because by the phantom. Directly use the low temperature ice cold sores, can be used to reduce trauma patients with joint pain, neuralgia, etc. , can also receive good effect.

low temperature cold water machine manufacturing, has a good performance in the medical, whole body after processing, has the effect of sterile pest-free, airframe flexible. Cold water machine has more than in low temperature 60 ℃, the minimum can reach 100 ℃ below zero. Internal material is 304 stainless steel, the refrigerating medium optimization of the special processing, guarantee product stability, & other; Frozen & throughout; Force!
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