Low temperature refrigerator warranty scope

by:CBFI     2020-10-16
Pieces of low temperature refrigerator under the condition of the normal use of the event of a failure, the user can obtain warranty service under this warranty card and products.

low temperature refrigerator during the warranty period, belong to the following situation, also need to take into consideration the service charge. On the warranty card to alter the warranty card; The cause of the problem occur outside the body, ( As a wrong power supply) ; Improper use or natural disaster, flood, weather, lightning, insect pest and so on as a result of damage or malfunction; Improper maintenance, modification and move, fall, or into the water and other reasons caused by the fault; More than the warranty period and in need of replacement parts, accessories are in accordance with the company and tariff charges, Not repair warranty card is lost, please safekeeping; The scope of the responsibility of the warranty card is limited to product maintenance, does not undertake any responsibility.
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