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Low temperature refrigerator long-term outage notice ( A)

Due to various reasons, cryogenic refrigerator sometimes may stop using for a long time. During the low temperature refrigerator stop, we need to pay attention to what issues? And listen to the small make up for your moments.

low temperature refrigerator before the outage notice:

1. Remove the cryogenic refrigerator power plug and safekeeping.

2. Take out the refrigerator storage of all materials at low temperature.

3. The door is opened the cryogenic refrigerator, defrosting and cryogenic refrigerator internal dry soft cloth.

4. Open the low temperature refrigerator, chamber air dry for 1 & ndash; Shut down 2 days later.

5. Low temperature refrigerator during the outage, ban with plastic cover to cover, At the same time, the ban in the cryogenic refrigerator placed on the weight, in order to avoid deformation of cryogenic refrigerator or tilted.

6. With a soft cloth to wipe clean, low temperature refrigerator seals, in door gasket with tissue paper pad in the contact, or to seal coated with talcum powder for maintenance, prevent the cryogenic refrigerator frame bonding occur due to shut down for a long time.

so, cryogenic refrigerator stop using the preparation work before the finish for a long time.

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