Low temperature refrigerator long-term outage notice ( 2)

by:CBFI     2020-10-16
We said last time in low temperature freezer needs to be done before the outage for a long time and the matters needing attention, now talk to you again to restore the use of long-term stop using low temperature refrigerator what matters need attention? How to restore the use of long-term stop using low temperature refrigerator?
1. Check the low temperature refrigerator, without exception, cleaning cryogenic refrigerator before use.
2. Low temperature refrigerator due to long-term outage, lubricating oil sink become sticky, part oil loss phenomenon exists. At this moment need to lubrication part first. Cryogenic refrigerator plugged in a little start, stop 3 & ndash; 5 minutes; Restart cryogenic refrigerator 2 & ndash; After 3 minutes, 3 - downtime About 5 minutes, repeat this step three, can make the lubricating oil is heated thin parts lubrication. After the completion of the cryogenic refrigerator can be normal use.

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