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Low temperature in the understanding of different areas, the cryogenic refrigerator as interesting

What is cold in the understanding of different areas, cold? After this line, to get to know it. Low temperature is different definition in different industry, in sintering, hot pressing, such as general water boiling temperature as the reference, that is lower than 100 ℃ low temperature, while more of the chemical inside with HFC refrigerants of cooling cryogenic as a reference, most believe in lower than 0 ℃ to 80 ℃ below zero is low temperature, and in the field of physics, usually at low temperature is lower than the temperature of liquid nitrogen, lower than 195 ℃ below zero, the liquid helium temperature minus 268. 8 ℃, to think is the category of ultra-low temperature, while the temperature below 1 k ( Such as helium 3 coolant for 300 mk medium of refrigerants, helium 3 4 dilution helium refrigerator 100 mk, ADR dilute magnetic refrigerator 50 mk, atomic refrigeration nk) Belong to near absolute zero the universe.

understanding of low temperature according to the different areas, so we usually understand and often mentioned cryogenic refrigerator as fun! In chemistry, understanding is 0 ℃ to - at low temperature 80 ℃, so the usual 0 ℃ to - 80 ℃ range can only be called low temperature refrigerator, lower - 80 ℃ is ultra-low temperature freezer; And see below - in the field of physics 195 ℃ is low, so we are common - 45℃、- 60℃、- 80 ℃ freezer can change call & other; Room temperature refrigerator or high temperature refrigerator & throughout; .

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