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Low temperature chiller plate in damage reason and solution

Low temperature cold water machine in use process, if produce frost heaving damage plate heat exchanger, the fundamental reason is that the water temperature reached below 0 ℃. Of the plate heat exchanger to install outdoors, winter standby, can prevent plate by freeze protection operation change freeze. Other frost heaving damage is rare in the unit stable operation, switch occurs mostly in the system, such as a key stage. Plate heat exchanger freezing water side, indicate that the heat exchanger in full or partial evaporation temperature is below 0 ℃. Are: the causes of evaporation temperature to reduce the water flow is too small or local blockage caused by water flow is reduced, the water temperature becomes lower; flow channel is blocked or industrial ice machine in the uneven flow distribution; Condensation temperature is too low. Prevent plate in freezing, mainly in the water side and industrial ice machine some protection measures.

solution, water side protection measures are:

1) Install the filter in the inlet pipe on the road, ensure that can filter out impurities more than 1 mm;

2) Set up on the way in and out of the water flow switch or differential pressure induction switch, did not reach a set flow compressor shut down;

3) Set up on the way in and out of the water temperature sensors, pressure pipe set & gt; 7 ℃, or outlet pipe set & gt; 2 ℃, lower than this value when the compressor shut down.

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