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Low temperature chiller fluid and heat transfer

The use of cryogenic fluid brings some unique problems for heat transfer in the atmospheric environment operation and flow of the fluid under low temperature,

low temperature technology to face a problem is the cryogenic heat transfer fluid, operation and transportation problems in atmospheric environment.

in the low temperature environment, to innovate and develop the special thermal insulation as a result, if there is a new breakthrough, handed out some new institutions, and separates each other chips, to do a multi-layer thermal conductive anticorrosion and penetration test. Heat conduction process analysis of the process, must consider the effect of variable physical properties. Most of the content is should explore in the cold and hot environment of Venus. But think will focus on how to increase conductive and heat resistance, stability, and rust and corrosion resistance. The current environment is suitable for the cryogenic tonic special element of most only a handful of inert gas and inert element. But to area on the promotion and development, can promote the cryogenic index, is basically impossible, huge cost, promotion is not easy. If the experiment is used to develop, is very good choice, can improve, will try, try to reference, if you can find the characteristics of low temperature, and then use in cryogenic refrigeration, may create a higher science and technology, can change the world.
heat transfer, most of the time, is as a verb to exist, in physics, he is a dynamic process, a transformation of the phenomenon. He is Venus exchange by temperature difference energy transfer process is the molecular motion and molecular displacement, and the behavior of the molecules, then it can form from hot to cold in continuous hot readymade, for different materials, the effect of hot bath is completely different, through the study area under the same material, can find a lot of different phenomena.
cryogenic fluid collection in thermal characteristics, is the two key points of cryogenic technology, the innovation of the cryogenic fluid, provide the basis for the development of low temperature, and the direction of heat transfer, in order to help the technology development in low temperature. Low temperature industrial ice machine leap, is the fusion of the technique.

refrigeration equipment of cold water machine has reached the minimum temperature - at low temperature 100℃。 People in constant innovation and beyond himself. - in the market 40 ℃, the most popular has set the technical indicators in the - 100℃。 Use technology to create wealth, to provide enterprises with technology metabolism yes the same train of thought.

select low temperature cold water machine, choice.
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