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Low temperature chiller common problems

Low temperature cold water machine now has been widely used in injection molding, laser, electroplating and so on various industry areas, and the common problems in the low temperature cold water machine, is mainly due to the evaporation temperature, The saturation temperature of refrigerant in the evaporator) General in - Between 5 ℃ and 0 ℃, routine water will not be used as a cooling agent, because the coolant temperature is lower than 0 ℃, industrial ice machine and heat transfer of water temperature is below 0 ℃ and likely to freeze, so the conventional unit load in cold agent solution will need to refill the freezing point of antifreeze reduce load cooling solution, such as ethylene glycol solution.

but this practice has many problems: one is to use and running costs rise, and glycol solution is volatile, use after a period of time due to evaporation and concentration is not enough water to drop to the requirement of temperature, cold or carrying agent solution concentration of volatile low freezing point rise, freeze up under the use requirement of temperature in evaporator heat exchange tube frost crack, failure;

2 it is some users are not allowed to carry in the industrial ice machine charging ethylene glycol antifreeze, such as the food industry, because these industries using high grade, once the cold agent solution infiltration, leak into the food affects the use of food safety, so the food will be scrapped directly, results in the decrease of higher rejection rate, yield, etc.
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