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Low temperature chiller applied in industrial calender cooling

With the development of industrial equipment, more and more high to the requirement of equipment cooling way, for the rolling equipment, mainly include natural cooling and cooling, air cooling methods. Natural cooling way is to use external tank big enough to offset due to the heat generated by the metal rolling process. In the cooling process, due to the density of water with temperature changes and produce fluid circulation process, with the aid of this ー cycle take away heat, to achieve the cooling effect of calender. The equipment take up the space is larger, at the same time, the cooling effect is not ideal. Air cooler air as heat transfer medium is used for heat exchange, heat away through the air, so also called air cooler. In general, the wind of the cooler cooling effect mainly depends on its components the heat exchange area of the radiator and the air volume, simply the same heat transfer area, the greater the air cooling effect, the better, the same air flow and the heat transfer area, the greater the heat dissipation effect is better. But due to the above ニ ways are restricted by the form and field, so the heat exchange process is not very desirable, cooling effect is not ideal for calender.

low temperature industrial ice machine applied in industrial calender cooling, can keep calender of cooling water temperature stability; To improve the life of the calender and coiling operation stability of the system. The cold water machine the surface is equipped with a water inlet, outlet, and the plural ventilation; Mentioned in the cold water machine with one evaporator, water inlet and the outlet is connected with the evaporator to form a water cycle; Connected with the evaporator and a compressor, a condenser and a throttle body, pipe connection, in turn between them form a closed system, working medium circulation within the system. Between the condenser and the throttle body also has a dry filter.
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