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Low temperature and cold water pump machine

Low temperature industrial ice machine market increasingly open, the temperature of the cold water machine is cold water machine technology, technology is the competitiveness of the products, is the strength of the enterprise, is the enterprise the competitive ability.

competitive projects will have more competitors and higher difficulty, refrigeration in the cold water machine, ultra-low temperature freezer, application and drying machine, equipment and so on all have special products in low temperature, the low price of the product, quality and technology are all has the very big advantage in the peer. To introduce the product in the low temperature below critical parts & ndash; — Pump at low temperature.

low temperature pump is a new kind of pump developed in the 1950 s, low-temperature condensation pump is to rely on low temperature medium ( Such as liquid nitrogen, liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen, etc. ) The solid surface cooled to very low temperatures, it is a product of the organic combination of vacuum and low temperature technology. It was based on theory of molecular motion and surface adsorption at low temperature, saddled the cold trap is a low temperature condensate pumps, using the surface of low temperature condensate gas or cooling getter ( Activated carbon, molecular sieve) The purpose of extraction. Therefore, it can get very clean vacuum ( No oil vapor, etc. ) , and extremely high pumping speed can be obtained economically is a little bit. In physics, the simulation technology and ultra-high vacuum technology has more and more widely application.

according to the different mechanism of low temperature pump can be divided into two types: condensation at low temperature and low temperature adsorption pump.

the boiling point higher than the solid surface temperature of the cooling gas will be condensation on the table, it produce very big like a pump suction effect.

in fact, often attached to the pump set but it is in liquid nitrogen temperature level, however, can only capture the high vapor pressure of water vapor, oil vapor, hydrocarbons, etc. Obviously, made of cold source of condensate pump liquid helium is the most effective.

low temperature pump is indispensable parts in low temperature refrigeration equipment, but is not only can only be used in cryogenic equipment, its cooling capacity, power and effect, makes him a very huge market potential. In the future, more and more low temperature, make it have more and more outstanding performance.
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