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Low pressure water chiller condenser

Condenser is heat removal component of the system. Low pressure cold water on a condenser are water cooled condenser. As a high pressure system, the heat is finally to the atmosphere. In some sort of process, sometimes also need to this part of the heat recycling, used in other applications.

due to the condenser is heat removal system component, its exhaust heat capacity determines the size of the refrigeration system of exhaust pressure. Low pressure above the condenser is usually cold water machine is set in the evaporator. By compressor refrigerants to steam up to the level of condenser. When condensed liquid refrigerant in the condenser and mid-cooling, it namely to gravity, in a very small pressure difference condition, the metering device into the evaporator.

cold water cooled condenser had a line. Too cold line effect is to reduce the temperature of the liquid refrigerant below condensation temperature. The way is to set up in the bottom of the condenser indoor, a separate reservoir after by condensing water from the condensation temperature of 105 ℉ liquid industrial ice machine absorbs heat, so that you can make the whole system get higher efficiency.

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