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Long-term preservation of cryogenic refrigerator: tissue samples

As the cryogenic refrigerator manufacturers for many years, the following interpretation of cryogenic refrigerator storage precautions for everybody. Such as the long-term preservation of tissue samples to freeze as soon as possible! The temperature of the sample storage has much effect on the effective save time. Is important to choose the right means of storage and storage temperature. But in order to guarantee the objectivity of the experimental results, the researchers also should fully pay attention to the disposal of samples before storage or fixed time and way.

the samples from the beginning to the front of the fixed or cryopreservation harvest during this time, there are still some biochemical processes in quickly. These biochemical reaction speed until the sample is fixed or kept at low temperature is significantly reduced. This period of time as short as possible. For surgical removal of the organization, hot ischemia ( 热缺血) The shorter the time, the better; Struggled for experimental animals, to be put to death when the sampling time as short as possible. This helps to prevent gene expression levels caused by climate change or have great changes in protein phosphorylation status. Some more complex surgery may for a few hours or even all day, so the first to be cut but have not been cut off parts of the organization may experience a longer warm ischemia time, resulting in larger biochemical changes. In order to minimize the influence of thermal ischemia, some operating room specially placed the liquid nitrogen container, organize once cut has been put into liquid nitrogen freezing ( 快速冻结) ; For time-consuming longer operating, in a short period of time before someone cut a small portion of representative organization for research, and then to take longer to remove; When someone is in the condition of limited, the use of the hot state to cold ischemia ( 冷缺血) State of the way to reduce the change of the sample. They first putting the organization of the cut in the ice or 4 ℃ low temperature refrigerator placed in a short time, convenient puts samples - again and again 80 ℃ cryogenic refrigerator or liquid nitrogen preservation. All in all, starting from the samples collected were cryopreserved or fixed, this period of time as short as possible, generally not more than 20 minutes. Of course, different organization has different biochemical processes of change speed. When organization too late freeze, it can be cut into small pieces and placed in tissue preservation solution.

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